Sweet Potato Vine

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The sweet potato vine is a lovely favourite to all summer ornamental gardeners because of it's fast growth and beautiful heart shaped leaves. This vine is related to the tuberous vegetable that we love to eat, but does not produce the edible part. However the sweet potato vine does come in a variety of colours, including this dark purple almost black shade. 

*The plants used on this piece are real and hand pressed in Calgary, Alberta. The colours include dark purple, magenta, pink, red and are very vivid, but may vary on the screen and in real life. Due to the nature of nature, each petal or leaf may have variables and imperfections, and the design may not be completely symmetrical because shapes and sizes can also vary.

*This beautiful piece shows how delicate nature is and gives an up close look at the simple details in each petal or leaf. Nature is to be cherished and this piece is a great way to let it live forever in your home. 

Grey frame - 39cm x 31cm. Hang only.